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Someone told me about Appendix and the podcast on blogging and platforms.  Interesting and real helpful.

A key to learning: find someone smarter than you are.    It works !

Got a story rejected today.  Not the first time.   They told me to keep writing.   What I learned: keep writing; keep sending.

There’s always a first time…

I’m starting a new career at 65 years of age.

I don’t feel 65.  Feel more like 30 and getting ready to learn something new or maybe unlearning would be more accurate at this time of my life.

I decided to be a writer, not just as a hobby or something to do since I’m semi-retired.  I’ve spent most of my time thus far doing other things because I thought I would be better at those than I would be at writing.

I’ve spent years in social work and years as a nun.   Both at the same time for a while.

Writing was what I saved for when I had more experience or when I had more time.  Never had enough experience or enough time.

I’m no longer a social worker or a nun.  Now, I’m a writer.

I figure I have about 20 good years left to write.  It’s time I get serious.  No more little pieces of scribble here and there.

I signed up for a class and am almost finished.  I just learned how to participate in a Bulletin Board with other writers.  That took a little while ’cause I’m not real computer literate.

Now I find out that in order to be considered a serious writer, I need to have a blog, and a platform, whatever that is.    I’ll find out at some point.  Right now, I will start a blog.     I think.    I hope that’s what is happening now.

I’ll learn as I go along.

There’s always a first time….